Today, the Worm Moon will peak above us in the night sky. During this time, we will have access to some seriously good energy that will help us experience rebirth and encourage us to regain balance in all aspects of our lives.

Tick Off Your To-Do List
Our current full moon is in Virgo. That means the beginning of this month is an ideal time to focus on things which need to get done; things at your job, tasks around your home and that lengthy spring-cleaning list. Focus your energy on completing tasks, getting rid of bad habits and managing stress.

Regain Balance
Because March’s full moon rises in Libra, the zodiac sign represented by the scales, use the week of the full moon to target the imbalances in your life and take strides to right them. It’s a good idea to soak in the influence of Libra to balance your imbalances. Recognise the habit or lifestyle choice you know is making a negative impact on your life, and plan steps to regain a sense of balance. Jot your plan down in your journal or disclose your plan to a friend who will hold you to it. You might want to post reminders around your home or office in an effort to make the balance a new constant.

Whether you do it at home, by yourself or in a group setting such as yoga class or a mindfulness class, take a moment to meditate. Use your energy to create a sense of calm and peace, and use the power of the full moon to create a sensation of stillness amid the chaos. You can even host a Full Worm Moon meditation gathering for friends with similar interests.