April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon, named after the first flowers of Spring. This is the perfect time to conduct Spring cleaning and setting intentions for the month to come. Just as the Spring brings new blossoms to plants and trees, new things are taking root and blossoming in our hearts and souls. After letting go of the dead of winter, transitions and changes are budding and blooming. Spring cleaning can be done both physically and spiritually.

Sit quietly and meditate on the coming month. Notice what has been transpiring and sit with your breath asking ‘What do I want?’ and ‘What do I need to release?’. Allow the stillness and silence to bring answers to you.

Set Intentions
Make a list of your intentions for the month. Focus on what you want to spend the next 30 days creating, changing, manifesting and focusing on. With each intention, visualise what the outcome looks like. 

Release & Let Go
What are the things you need to release and let go of? What no longer serves you? Intend to let things go, see them disappear into the sky until you can no longer visualise then. If it is something physical, throw it away or donate it. In order for new growth to occur, what no longer is meant to grow must be let go.

Offer Gratitude
To seal the ritual, offer gratitude. This is important especially when setting intentions. The universe is constantly listening to our deepest desires and when we take a step towards actualising them, we need to offer thanks.