Hello & Welcome to Saskia Lucy

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Saskia and I started this brand in 2020 during the first lockdown. I’m based in West Berkshire, but was born on the Isle of Wight and then lived in London for a few years. All of these locations have inspired the jewellery I create - I love jewellery that has meaning and can be worn as a sort of talisman, guiding and grounding you when you wear it. 

Saskia Lucy started as an online art shop, selling original digital art prints of minimalist illustrations and inspiring quotes. This led to me using some of these illustrations and turning them into colourful pendants, showing that art isn’t just for galleries and you can wear your own mini piece of art everyday. Made from precious metals and coloured enamel, these pieces are conversation starters and can be worn seamlessly from day to night.

Unique & Ethical Jewellery

Saskia Lucy jewellery is released monthly, with limited quantities available to ensure minimal waste. From 2021, each collection is inspired by or released on important dates, ensuring the pieces are relevant, and in some cases raising awareness for social issues and wildlife. The gold jewellery is made with high-quality, long-lasting gold plating, extracted by responsible small-scale and artisanal miners. The silver jewellery is made from ecosilver, an eco-friendly alternative to sterling silver. Made from 100% recycled silver products, ecosilver can be both treated and worked with in the same way as silver, for the same quality results - it is just simply more environmentally friendly. The base metal for the majority of the jewellery is brass. An affordable alternative to gold, brass allows the production of statement pieces that have a luxurious look and feel at accessible prices. Brass is also sustainable - today almost 90% of all brass in the world is recycled.

Made to Order Prints

Saskia Lucy prints are printed using vegetable-based inks on FSC certified paper. The prints are all printed to order in the studio, ensuring there is no waste by not stocking large quantities. With the increasing availability of plant-based cellophane sleeves, Saskia Lucy is dedicated to lessening our impact by making the switch from plastic cellophane to plant-based cellophane. All prints are packaged in biodegradable cellophane, which breaks down completely into CO2, water and biomass.

Designed, Made, Packed and Shipped in the UK

All Saskia Lucy products are designed, made, packed and shipped ethically in the UK. The design, manufacturing and assembling processes allows me to create objects of lasting value with minimal environmental impacts. From incorporating environmentally low-impact practices in the studio, to using materials that have been carefully sourced, all practices aim to reflect Saskia Lucy’s commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability.

Shipping & Packaging

We are fully committed to using recyclable shipping materials. Each order is wrapped in FSC certified tissue and stickers and packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.