The Snow Moon is here and we should be prepared to feel some serious power. If you’re ready and willing to put the full moon to work, we have a few rituals that might just help you reset, energise your creativity and promote self-confidence to pursue whatever endeavour enters your path.

Commit to Giving Life to a Stagnant Project
It’s during a full moon when our psychic energies and mental/physical activity are at their peak. Now is the time to recommit – like actually this time – to a project that has fallen by the wayside. Take an hour or more once a week to tune into said project, undistracted. If you’re entering back into a creative venture, turn off your phone and close your inbox. Put some time into that essay you’ve been procrastinating. Add some brush strokes to that painting that’s been sitting there. Go back to that song that stumped you ages ago. If a creative or personal project isn’t currently in the works, get started on one or prepare yourself to get going. Give your workspace or creative zone a much-needed clean-up. Dust of the things that inspire you. Make plans and write them down on a sticky note to tack to your mirror. Set that thing into motion and don’t get caught up on the small details that weigh you down. Think of the full moon as a breath of fresh air, helping you to look at something differently.

Release Negativity
The Full Snow Moon is a time when winter still holds an icy grip on the landscape. There is no outside work to be done, so it’s a good time to cleanse ourselves of negative energy and excess baggage we carry around, in preparation for spring. 

Take a Relaxing Bath
Create the ultimate relaxing environment and turn the lights down low, light some candles, sprinkle in some aromatic bath salts and soak in a warm tub. Listen to your favourite music, close your eyes and just breathe. When you emerge from the tub you’ll feel refreshed and literally cleansed for the new year.