The January Full Wolf Moon invites us to open our hearts and plant seeds of intention to manifest in this new year. This month is a wonderful time to focus on intentions, new beginnings and what you want to create as we begin a fresh year.

Create a Vision Board
A full moon is the perfect time to focus on your dreams to set yourself up for success. And the fact that it is the first full moon for a new year makes it even more appropriate and powerful to start manifesting your vision for a better and more fulfilling year. Create a vision board with visuals, photos, words and images that represent your dreams. Put the board somewhere you can see it every day such as by your bed, by your front door, or where you work. Creating this board during the full moon will give your board extra inspiration and motivation to get things done this month and this year.

Make a Photo Album of Loved Ones
One of the most important things we can do to wipe our slate clean and start fresh this year is to forgive others and move on from anything holding us back in the past. Instead of wasting energy on things that make you sad or angry, choose to let those feelings go and use your energy on positive feelings of love and warmth. Especially during the Full Wolf Moon when energy is amplified and emotions run high, use the power for good and create an album of photos of people you care about and memories that make you happy.

Keep a Gratitude Journal
And when in doubt, focus on what you are thankful for, proud of and excited to experience. Write down each and every positive thought of gratitude. And then read out loud what you have written. Use the positive, powerful, healing energy of the new moon and the new year to guide you and bring you good karma for the future.