With each New Year comes an opportunity to take a little pause. It’s a chance to renew your sense of mental strength and clarity and begin the year with a new set of goals. This year is about making your life full of beautiful things. It’s about adding joy, strength and happiness in new ways. Read on for your tips for setting intentions and sticking with them in the New Year.

Be thankful for your past
Before you begin setting your intentions for the upcoming year, take time to reflect on the previous one. Close your eyes and remember all of your goals, accomplishments, struggles and joys of 2020. Take a moment to truly feel grateful for yourself and for the people who have supported you this past year. 

Meditate on your dreams
Now begin to imaging yourself a year from now. What does your life look like? What incredible things do you want to achieve this year? Imagine your physical and mental health, your relationships – think about all of the streams of you in your life. Maybe you simply want to add more of the happiness that already exists! Or maybe you want to approach something challenging in your life with a different attitude. Spend a few minutes alone to focus deeply on yourself and the ways you can add to your life this year.

Set your intentions
Now write down a few clear and concise ideas or mantras you may want to focus on this year, in order to achieve what you just imagined. When you begin setting your intentions, think of things that will bring you closer to your best self. When you’re living in the most positive version of your life, you’ll invite all of that joy you just imagined into your everyday. Intend on things that will put you on course for achieving all of your dreams in the coming months. 

Don’t stress about the results
Finally, remove yourself from the idea that results are your only measurement of success. Remind yourself to trust the process. Take time each day to feel grateful and to give yourself meaningful compliments.