Sweden’s second-largest city is often overshadowed by the capital, Stockholm. But the popularity of Gothenburg – home to restaurants, picturesque architecture, sophisticated bar culture, renowned galleries and art museums – has exploded in the last few years. When you come for a visit, wind your way down the cobblestone streets or take one of the charming blue and white trams as you peruse these Gothenburg gems.

Liseburg Amusement park is a riot of party lights and bubblegum-pink paintwork. Opened in 1923, this is Scandinavia’s largest amusement park, and with its flowers, trees, fountains and clusters of lights, it is great fun for adults too.

Slottskogen is the green heart of Gothenburg. Once upon a time this large stretch of wooded parkland belonged to the Swedish royal family. Now this huge, tranquil expanse of parkland is home to grassy areas, grills, lakes and cafes – there is something for everyone. It is home to an animal park too, with seals, penguins, elk and deer, amongst others, dotted around the park in various enclosures, making you feel like you’re stumbling across them in the wild.

Kontsmuseum is one of the city’s finest museum, and it’s easy to spend half a day absorbing the diverse and extensive collections. Our favourite part is the Hasselblad Center, containing exhibitions of contemporary photography from both renowned and up-and-coming artists.